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The fruit that NEVER give to your Parrot.
Avocado Fruit.
Seeds of Apple.
Never feed Cold fruits from Refrigerator.

Read the below article only if you have a parrot.

Avocado Fruit is the mostly available and now a days all are including in their sandwiches and daily diet for Humans.
But remember Avocado is very TOXIC to parrots and never ever feed them Avocado.

Don’ even keep avocado in your Fruits Basket were there is a chance that your parrot may come and eat.

Apples are preferred to feed without skin for easy digestion.

The fruits showing in the above Video are Safe for Birds as well for your kids.

My Son usually don’t like to eat fresh fruits but while feeding to parrot he really enjoys to eat those.

As shown in the video No need to feed all the fruits on same day. You can feed One by One each days.

Try to keep the fruits in small sized in Morning time
Remove it after 3 hours
even though They didn’t finish it all.

May be an apple looks like normal temperature if you keep it outside from a refrigerator 2 hours, but remember the inside of the apple might be still Cold.
With my experience, if you feed a cold fruit with in 2 hours the bird start getting running nose and 50% chance to die of cold. Because the running nose will block their Small Nose Hole and they will completely stop eating and really you will not get time to cure that. Its very fast.

Feeding fresh Fruits and Vegetables like Cucumber is suggested ONE time in a day (Morning).

If you are planning to take your bird for an outing to meet your relatives or to your friends i suggest not to feed then fruits on that day because their popoo will be watery and will make a Big Deal to clean it while they Popoo outside, specially over the clothes.

Never give knife to your kids to cut the fruits.

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