How to give your parrot probiotics. Maui Caique loves to take his Visbiome probiotics because it makes his tummy happy and healthy.

    6 replies to "How To Give A Parrot Probiotics #parrots #flockpower #caique #cockatoo"

    • Zorro the BHC

      No more benebac?

    • Wyoming Adventures

      I need to get some. Where do I get them from April ?

    • Birgit M

      Maui ❤️❤️❤️

    • TheCurt1981

      Such a good boy!

    • Aprill Roberts

      Do they truly need it.
      Ivd got a ring neck & a Kak , never used any supplements before 🤔

    • Jocelyn Triggle

      What are you going to do about the storm

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