I just kept this stand on a Public Park with free access to all people and What made me more happy was when i went to refill the food next day, i saw someone had already filled the bird food in that.

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It is really a mind refreshing moment while seeing the wild birds eating the food what we feed.
In UAE for almost 6 months we are facing too much hot weather and i can see many nature lovers are keeping food and water specially in these hot season for cats and birds.

what i did is just made that feeder little beautiful to not spoil the beauty of that green area.
Save Birds Save Nature Save Life…

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    • CAR HUB

      Amazing 🤩

    • Sabine

      Hallo, ein schönes Haus habt ihr für die Vögel gebastelt 🎨🏠🦜🦜🦜Viele Grüße Sabine

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