In this video with my current project bird, a white bellied caique named Widget, I talk about and demonstrate how I create an environment of calm for new birds.

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    27 replies to "HOW TO CALM A BIRD | How I'm Stopping This Caique From Screaming"

    • Helen Thompson

      This music is my personality which explains why I love Congo African Grey parrot

    • Belle

      Just what I needed! Thanks Jamie!

    • Doro

      That little girl is so good with birds. Lovely child.

    • Alaric Lau

      Watching this video in my bird room with my three newly rehomed quakers and two gccs, as the music starts the screaming instantly stopped lol, it’s like magic.

    • Joey

      Priceless info. Thank you once again

    • Shonna Bidiman

      Please help my Jenday Conure will not do any training it bites my hand if I try and talk on my phone, it goes absolutely crazy if I use the clicker when it does a behavior I like it tries and bite the hand with the clicker. It screams when I try and talk to someone it runs after people to bite them if they come near me. It hates its cage. I have ordered your pellets pellets and small box of bird toys that is all I can afford for now. Please please please help

    • ScoopGirl

      not sure what music you used in this video but my 4 budgies are softly talking and calm.

    • rajib khan

      I also have 1 caique parrot like your one

    • The Center Stage Studio - Front Desk

      I needed to watch this. My new Caique (re-homed) to me. She is SO LOUD. Ty for your videos. I’m going to try the music
      She’s currently sitting on my head finally not screaming.

    • Kapper

      noise from a calm river with a little bit of rain works great too 😉

    • Katie L

      Screw meditation, I'm watching this from now on.

    • Ryan Michalski

      Can't stand Caique's

    • Lexy K

      I do something similar with my conure to wind down for the night. I give her a piece of yucca to chew and play quiet, calm music one hour before bed time. She climbs up on my stomach with her yucca block and chews it til she gets tired. Then comes to cuddle under my chin. Thats how I know she's ready for bed. 🙂

    • Nikki Gold


    • wow man 9999

      How do you manage the poop?

    • Caren J

      I used this to calm my caique parrot(Kiko), and it works really well. Thanks.

    • Me Here

      I'm guessing it's best not to do this with library books that you're stressed about being eaten?

    • PrivateInc

      I've had my kakariki for just over 4 months now, I've noticed that he is becoming aggressive towards my hand and on some occasions he has bitten me. one day he will do great with step up training however the next he seems like his scared of my hand. I don't really know what to do I've tried researching the issues I've been having but so far nothing has helped. Could this been a result of him spending too much time in his cage or a hormonal thing? any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Connie Muttart

      Thank you, Jamie. I use this music many times now to calm my ringneck. You are the best

    • waldemar stepak


    • portos portos


    • AzrulRif

      Everytime when my birds are screaming, i always just say"shhhhhhh" from loud and slowly making my voice softer is it a good thing?

    • Taimur Amjad

      I can't imagine doing that with my relatively young Blue Fronted Amazon who is 8 months. He poops every 10 minutes..

      Wondering if there is an issue at end that I have to look in to

    • Hailey And Casey

      I am going away four 3 days and don’t have a bird sitter bird is very attached to me no 1 else what’s your opinion leaving the bird in the cage four 3 days bird is not used to just sitting in cage he is out 4 at least half of day I guess fill is food double and plenty of water he should be ok ????????

    • Maan Jezus

      If I would try to pet my budgies that way, it's gonna cost me some fingers. 😉

    • Rebecca Suraci

      My rescue bfa and galah who I have worked so hard on the last several years while living in a house have both started to be extremely loud and needy again now that I moved out of my ex’s house into an apartment . They’re so noisy I’m on edge all the time and have to yell and do things like spray with water which I know only makes the issue worse but I can’t chance letting them scream for hours to “work it out” and get them back where they were before because I’ve already gotten several noise complaints . It’s the worst! The amazon literally screams for attention when I’m five feet from him in the kitchen! I have to wheel his gym Into the bathroom just to get a Darn “quiet” bath. It’s so frustrating . All that work ruined now because of unforeseen breakup circumstances 🙁 I literally don’t know what to do bc everything I’ve tried isn’t working now in this new environment. It’s already been four months there and they won’t improve. They were even fine when we moved temporarily in with my parents before I got my lease. Something about a house environment they seem to like better

    • Elliot Smithson

      I’m looking into a rescue African grey soon! This will be super helpful 🙂

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