This is Pascel giving an example of the loudest sound White Bellied Caiques make. They make this sound when excited and trying to get your attention. It almost hurts your ears, but is not as loud as a Quaker and they don’t scream like bigger parrots. This guy can mimic a smoke detector battery going out ‘chirp’ perfectly, laughs, and talks. But seriously, this sound when the sun comes up over and over again can drive you mad. Always cover your parrot and lock it’s cage so it doesn’t let itself out…. he does this. I LOVE HIM THOUGH! It takes a special person to love Caiques. Is that you too?

    17 replies to "How Loud is a Caique Parrot???"

    • Emily Grech

      Good lord are your ears okay?
      My caique has NEVER made this noise. Shes the quietest bird Ive ever owned

    • Norse Code

      I judge the loudness on how close he is to my eardrum

    • Anja chan

      very loud! xD

    • Andrew Stone

      Loudest? He's not even trying, I would say turn the volume up by 100 at least..

    • Joe Smith

      Wow you got a loud one there !

    • Aileen Oleary

      My cockatiel passed away and I was thinking of getting another bird. I'm afraid to get another bird because my caique is so loud and I do not want the new bird to mimic my caique.. That would be a disaster.

    • Aileen Oleary

      Mine screams like that throughout the day. Especially when I want to watch TV. It can get quite annoying and I often end up experiencing ringing in my ears afterwards. I do have earplugs that I put in when I want to hang out in the living room with my bird . She also does this annoying chirp sound that sounds like a smoke alarm when the battery needs to be changed; Only three times as loud and she will do this every 15 to 20 seconds. I love my bird, but sometimes I question that.

    • EvangeliumDiSilenti

      LOL hes so casual about it like he just had to clear his throat 😂 AHEHEHEHEMMMM 🤪

    • Sam Williams

      oh my god thank you so much for a simple video that answers my question quickly

    • Kate Kudirka

      Yeah, mine screams EXACTLY like a bigger parrot.

    • Robert Allen

      This is very accurate! Mine squaks like this when I walk out of the room with my Cockatiel. Then she proceeds to climb down her cage and roam the house until she finds us.

    • Raspberry

      Sun and Jenday conures are much louder, lol. My jenday is not a screamer fortunately, he made up some of his own little tunes that he sings to get attention.

    • Michael Pechner

      You call that loud? Unfortunately mine is much louder.

    • Tasia Johnson


    • Loren Michelle

      My Caiques are NOT louder than a Quaker. They do not make this noise all the time,  only sporadically when excited. They never scream at night, but do in the morning some. I guess I got use to it. It can be annoying but they talk, laugh, roll around like puppies. I adore Caiques!

    • 박병화

      how often does it scream?? I know it is case by case but… And is she more bearable than Quaker?  

    • TheViolet76

      OMG! Not for me.  Definitely…how can you stand it??? Hope he doesn't do that in the middle of the night.

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