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In today’s video I’m chatting about how birds are NATURALLY curious creatures and they do that exploring of new things with their beaks which makes meal prep and making batches of my seasonal feeding system the perfect options for getting a picky bird to try new, healthy food options.

For my family, I prep veggies in tupperware so that I can easily take one out for each meal. Widget taste tests pretty much each and every veggie while I do this… and then helps as I prep my seasonal feeding system too. Sometimes birds like specific colors, textures or temperatures of food items and meal prep is a great look into what your bird likes and dislikes!

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Happy, healthy eating bird lovers!




MY BIRDS (Oldest to Youngest) 🐦❀
BONDI πŸ’— Galah | hatched 2005
CRESSI πŸ’— Congo African Grey | hatched 2007
BANDIT πŸ’™ Galah | hatched 2008-2019 πŸ’”
JINX πŸ’™ Blue Throat Macaw | hatched 2008
COMET πŸ’™ Yellow-Dominant Camelot Macaw | hatched 2008
TUSA πŸ’™ Blue-Green Dominant Camelot Macaw | hatched 2008
ROCKO πŸ’™ Toco Toucan | hatched 2011
LILY & PHOEBE & DETKA πŸ’— Sun Conures | hatched 2011
BLUEBERRY πŸ’— Budgie | hatched June 2019

BirdTricks is a husband-wife team; Dave and Jamieleigh Womach specialize in parrot training and companionship.

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    23 replies to "How I Get ANY BIRD to Eat HEALTHY! | Widget The Curious Caique | Parrots Are Curious Creatures!"

    • Anna S

      Why do birds have those little cracks in their beaks? Is it normal. My new budgie seem to have a a teeny tiny one after she got new toys and loves her branches /perches. Are they pressure stress line or something? New bird owner πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

    • Diane Jennifer Mott Floyd

      Are all of your pellets and foods on your link safe for caiques?

    • Shannon Fowler

      I adopted an 8 year old RFM one week ago. She has always been on a pellet, seed, fruit mix. I ordered your pellets and received them yesterday. I mixed some into her food. I have not noticed her eating any yet but I expected that. I have also been chopping up some peppers and apple and giving her those in a separate bowl each night. She has no interest in them. I’m hoping to eventually get her to the point of having only your pellets in her food bowl. I’m hoping I’m going about this the correct way. She is very shy and gentle but at this point she doesn’t want to leave her cage to join me at the counter for the vegetable chopping. She can see me when I’m preparing her food. Her cage is always open when we are home. I have tried offering her fresh food out of my hand. The only thing she will take is an almond.

    • shanique joe

      How do you find your project birds? I have been looking for help with my Green Cheek Conure Jade I've had her for 3 yrs she's a beauty but I unfortunately had a change in my job which affected her behavior to me and my family and I haven't been able to change it back… long story but I been looking everywhere for help to avoid rehoming her for her own happiness

    • Paul Taylor

      I love the seasonal feeding system!!!! I did the digital download. Then, printed the pages and laminated them. SOOOOOO content with this product.

      Stay happy, safe and healthy!!!!
      Fellow Flocker,
      Paulus Taylor

    • Jayne Liou

      Awes video! What cage would you recommend for a caique?

    • TheOtherSammy

      Jamie! I wanted to just say macaws are my favorite too!!

    • Lucy Bochnak

      Is a female macaw laying eggs dangres for its health

    • t s

      My budgie is naturally curious about finding the bite pressure required to break my skin hoping he grows out of it not like it all the time but he bit my nose today.

    • Danielle P

      Is there any way to get the Natural Feeding System book without getting the other two books?

    • Cloud

      I only clicked this for Widget

    • ShelB Rindahl

      What?? She's also meal prepping veggies for Jamiefood? Duuude, I want to eat Jamiefood too. JL, you're always looking for ideas, right? Why not share a video about your veggiepreps and talk about any perspectives that have changed over the years because of your research for SFS, or share some fave family snacks you discovered because of your birds? I'll go first: I LOVE mini cookie cutters, and I often eat apple stars, banana hearts and zucchini sticks, all because of Captain Morgan. Hugs, from Wisconsin! ~ShelB

    • JustScott

      Hi, i've been watching this channel for a couple days and i was wondering where i could get a macaw. I really want one some time in the future

    • Rayyan Asif

      Hey jameileigh i want to ask a important question you say in your videos that from the first day you should interact with your let it out of cage but elle and the birds says you should keep them in the cage when you newly got them

    • Alex P

      I freeze the chop in an icecube tray and then vacuum seal two "chopsickles" per pouch as I only have one budgie. That way the chop stays as fresh as long as possible. We pull out two cubes per week into the fridge keeping those in a snack-sized container. It works great especially with our one bird as 1/2 the recipe lasts a full season for him.

    • Big Island Chickens

      One of my love birds likes watching me cook. The other one wants NOTHING to do with the kitchen

    • Anju Gupta

      Hlo mam!I have a male budgie whose poop seems to be watery (urine or water).
      His poop is sometimes normal. He is completely fine, he always dances here and there and his very active. Moreover, he is not fluffed up. Plz help me guys as there is no vet available right now because of lockdown! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    • 1dForLife001

      Aaaw she is soo cute

    • Sara Brown

      I L❀VE Widget!!! She's such a doll,I love to see her feel so safe and free to do her own thing like this!! And she has the cutest little cheeks OMG! ❀πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜β€

    • Honey the Connie Cross

      Do you have any yips for my 2 budgies that r scared of hands and 1 refuses to come out of the cage? πŸ’—

    • Angel Scinta

      Kobe loves the natural feeling system. Especially the fall and winter ones.

    • Gina Hetlage

      The balanced diet you feed your birds is awesome!

    • Marie McGrath

      Yes, my house birds help out in the kitchen, in fact, any time I Eat ….. good for my Diet !

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