Willy the hopping White Bellied Caique at TinyFlockAviary. Dieppe, NB

    9 replies to "Hopping White Bellied Caique"

    • Gloria Stiehl

      Willy is a hoppy, happy babe who's so cute whistling and hopping around!! Love him! 🦜🦜🥰🥰💋💋💞💞😘😘

    • Linda K Andrews

      Beautiful darling.

    • Silly Caiques

      My 3 Caiques are watching Willie and they're kissing the screen!!

    • Robert H

      Are they loud

    • abjectcriticism

      love these birds, this one seems to have the worst case of pigeon toe I've ever seen lol.
      Side note background noises like televisions running are my pet peeve sorry.. Good video other then that 🙂

    • Luke.R170

      I have the same bird watching the video with me ha lol

    • KJ6DRG

      Tahiti 80 @ 1:07 and he dances to it. Love it!

    • jabbabird

      I love this little bugger!!!

    • peaches2perfect

      Willy is adorable! How big is a Caique compared to a GCC?

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