Took some practice for Apollo to learn how to be gentle. He sees them groom each other all the time and has always wanted to participate. Soleil gets very defensive over Ophelia, so letting Apollo preen her is a big step.

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    19 replies to "He Loves the Babies 🥰 | Apollo the African Grey Parrot #SHORT"

    • Ruthie D.

      So sweet! Wonderful family🥰

    • Siam

      This is so sweet!! He has such a heart, he knows to be careful with these. The girls are opening up to him really well. They seem to be okay with Apollo preening them, that’s a huge deal!!

    • John Marshall - Artist & Musician

      "C'mere…I want to bite your tongue off!" Ophelia (or Soleil) probably!

    • Devin

      Forget French Kissing, he's African Kissing.

    • Mary Ayers

      So cute seeing them all get along and Apollo asking if he could preen (touch)

    • RememberThisName AWK

      Well this is sus

    • j maguire

      I love the sounds caiques make. So cute.

    • emmanuelle enouf

      Love is all we need

    • Matthew S

      I didn't know he was French.

    • Helli ox

      How come Apollo has a hole in the back of it's lower beak?

    • Lugiaskr

      idk if you'll see this comment but I Have to ask.

      are ophelia and soleil named after Them (💖) from fe14

    • Hemant Verma

      ❤️….apka chanal subscribe kar liya hai….

    • Perry Brown

      I confused 😕 bc we have 2 Africa grays and every time they get together the male gray always tries to attack the femle gray.

    • Godsdoomer

      He is attacking.

    • Happy Child

      Now, I’m in the mood for French kissing.

    • Светлана Беляшева

      Какая прелесть эти чмоки 💋💋💋❤️🌹🥰

    • Richard Phieler

      Give me the birds and im so happy

    • Robert Rice

      that's what dads do…

    • debra bolton

      OMG! There are no words to describe this! 💛💛💛

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