Hand Tame White-bellied Caique and Black cap Caique at Salman’s Exotic Pets Store.

For details call/whatsapp on 9920777055

    9 replies to "Hand Tame White-bellied Caique and Black Cap Caique at Salman's Exotic Pets Store."

    • umair pathan

      Bhai DNA testing process
      Pr detail video banao na

    • Beyblade guys

      Salman Bhai I am Mohamed Shabaz, what happened to your customer virat , you did not make any video of him till now

    • Firoz Khan 4u

      Audio quality acchi Nahin

    • Diana Jacob

      What does close ring mean?

    • Sumiit Arora

      Ssta. Salman super duper tamed aalman bhai face value…

    • Sumiit Arora

      Bhai. Inke bare main batao.. New member ko bhe pata chale. Kaise caring karne hai

    • ram verrma

      Hello Salman Bhai , cute little birds. Audio is not clear 🧐

    • j memon xyz

      Gali gali me shor he fahad zariwala chor he

    • santosh kalantre

      Nice video 👍🤗

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