These two baby caiques are about 4 months old. They are not related to each other. They are both very sweet caiques.

Ginger and Skipper…. our pet caiques. We were selling these for a friend…but decided to keep them as our pets.

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    • hiroyuki tanaka

      Japanese purchased this caiques Green thigh を shi ma shi ta 
      Like Kei te ru

    • Gloria Cavazos López

      Estan hermosos. Y donde puedo adquirir unas parejas adultos. Hay gente q los envie? Vivo Mty.N.L.

    • Cindy Blevins

      Rita, they are GORGEOUS. Do you think I could die Nacho's legs green? Maybe…just give him a green toy to soak in his water then dip his legs in? lol He has finally turned white again from his "pink experience" in October. So are these happy accidents? Or are they bred for this coloring?

    • chihuahuabulldog

      @rita191919 LOL screaming fit!! I look forward to the Dixie and Savannah video.

    • chihuahuabulldog

      They are very cute, and look like they would be quite mischievous!! When I saw that baby go up the arm of Dixie's Man, I was wondering if Dixie was out of her cage…there might be trouble…… Just as I thought that, Dixie flew into the room. LOL Is Savannah still full-feathered, as in not plucking?

    • Corey Miller

      would love to have one! wish I had the $ right now

    • patricia cassidy

      Your babies are always beautiful , healthy looking ,happy babies. I'd love to know your secret!

    • Gothicc senpai

      when they bite, doesn't it hurt?

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