Some quick, easy practice with everyone to keep morale up. The girls have their wings clipped so only short hops for them. Ophelia always takes her time making her jump calculations.
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    12 replies to "Group Recall Training | Apollo the African Grey with Soleil and Ophelia the Caiques #SHORT"

    • Tracy Roake

      Man I don't like your whole attitude

    • Max Oakland

      Your birds are so cute

    • Janine Kröger

      Good ol' pecan

    • AJ Bethel

      Soleil was Shocked

    • bee bee

      So cute 😍♥️💟 and sweet 💝🌷🌻🌼

    • Laurie W

      So you literally throw a bird because you didn't want that one, then you bruah the other ones nuts into the floor. I have never gotten fired vibe from any of your Vids. And I don't care what backlash I get for saying so. I feel sorry for your birds.

    • Jeenat Masih

      So adorable I love birds ❤

    • Princess Bonnibel Victoria Bubblegum

      Soleil really likes to jump in front of others HAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Just for you

      How old are your birds please?

    • Nisha Lakshmi

      Nice training to parrot's

    • Pamela D.

      You are amazing with those bird's very sweet and patient you are!! Find that incredibly beautiful!!!

    • Ariana La'shay Slader


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