Just a little video of our caiques. They are just about 2 years old now and they have pretty much molted into their adult feathers. We think they are beautiful!!

They are both big caiques weighing 165 for Skipper and 157 for Ginger. Which I find quite amazing as Ginger was just barely 110 grams when she was fully weaned. They are not fat…they just matured into nice sized birds.

They are both fully flighted, although they don’t really like to fly much. I try to “force” them to fly each day for exercise. But….it is rather difficult to force a caique to do anything!! LOL I have read that wild caiques don’t fly that often during their days in the forrest. They will usually spend their entire day in one tree foraging and playing with their flock members. Wouldn’t that be the coolest thing to watch? I would love to sit under a tree full of wild caiques and watch their silly antics for an entire day!! I can bet I would spend alot of time giggling at their silly behaviors!!

I hand raised Ginger and Skipper and kept them for future breeding. I have prepared a large cage for them in my breeding bird room. Although they are still too young to breed, I am preparing myself to let them be a “married couple”. I know they will love their new big cage which I have set up with lots of foraging opportunities and plenty of room to hop and skip and summersault around in. My goal is to have them in the bird room by July. But…..today, I am not sure I can see myself setting them “free” to start their married couple life!!! 🙂 Maybe I could wait one more year??!!

Most caique breeding pairs tend to be very territorial and have been known to attack their care givers and injure them badly. I currently have one pair of WBC and one pair of BHC. My BHC are absolutely prepared to bloody any part of me that gets close enough for them to reach. They will literally kamakaze themselves towards me when I reach into their cage. My WBC Male is also quite eager to get a taste of my blood. However, my female WBC is very sweet and gentle. More so than Ginger and Skipper actually. She will let me turn her on her back and clip her toe nails without even toweling her!! Of course when she has babies she will attack me if I get close enough.

I am actually eager to see how Ginger and Skipper will treat us as they mature and start raising little ones!!

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    • Gökhan ERDAĞI

      Hello, Mrs Rita I ask you for help my 150-day – old caique parrot has been crying and squealing constantly for the last 15 days, especially when it is placed on my hand or shoulder outside the cage, I am in a very difficult situation, I am sad what do you think I should do to recover from this situation, it is very dependent on me, not sick or hungry, you have encountered such a situation. Sincerely.

    • Гузаль и Софья Бурцевы

      👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍and nusno kluv podpilit

    • Alex

      Сool video). How to distinguish a Caique girl from Caique boy ?

    • Rasha Sarandah

      Is your caique still friendly as an adult? Many say their sweet babies turn on them after a few years when they hit puberty and begin attacking which would be heart breaking to have your bonded tame pet begin to want to attack you nonstop 🙁


      yavruları olursa 1 tane gönderebilirmisiniz thank you,

    • Boleyn_3

      I love parrots so much!!

    • michael adams

      how do u pronounce CAIQUE?

    • Louise Smalling

      This is your best work.

    • Psychedelic Strawberry

      Why do you no longer sell chaiques if you don't mind me asking?

    • wafaa alami

      J'espère que vous parlez français. J'ai une petite question, comment je peux reconnaître un mal et une femelle.

    • Lori Weaver

      I have one Caique. He keeps me busy, as you know I’m sure. Ozzy is a year old. How do you think he would do with another caique? He’s always surfing my hair, and just hanging on me. I don’t mind, if he’s nice, but he gets bitty. I put him in his cage at noon for 2-3 hours. I need a nap cuz I have fibromyalgia. I always wonder what others with caiques or other birds do, keep them out all the time or keep them in only to get them out a few times a day to eat and play. What do you do? I watch you and your caiques and you do an amazing job with them. And they are beautiful!

    • Lori Weaver

      Are they siblings?

    • Rashed Ahmed

      hi nice video and thanks for sharing, I want to know do caiques talk ? and how do it breed them ?

    • Reece Can in a van

      you probably get why im here….its in the name

    • Sabi Aree

      Alhamdulillah, adorable

    • Anne Beakke

      Are those lime thighed caiques?

    • Tay Tay

      What song is playing in the bg? I really like it! 🙂

    • Kozmo

      I have the exact same cage 😄

    • Huy Nguyễn Quốc

      So cute !!!!

    • Sara H

      I have a Rainbow Lorikeet named Adria and she is full of personality! If I'm in the other room and her door is shut she will MAKE SURE to let me know I need to let her out so she can fly to my shoulder and see what I'm doing hahahahaha

    • Amy Blair

      They are so beautiful and I love their disposition! I have always wanted a caique. It is only my daughter who is 17 and myself. Are you planning on having any babies this year?

    • Bilquis Wadoodi

      Hey Rita, I love your videos and I am a subscriber. I have done my research (diet, positive training, hormonal behaviour, etc) on many parrots for over a year and I have decided on a pair of Caiques. The cage will be a jumbo size cage with a removable divider. In case down the road they may need to be separated (cut plexiglass). I don't think birds should be alone. What I do want to know from a breeder is, since I would like 2, is it better to have 2 of the same species (2 BHC or 2 WBC) or 1 of each? Also 1 boy and 1 girl or 2 same sex? My goal is to have cage mates (not planning to breed). Actually, anyone with experience can put their opinions in. Thanks for the time in advance to answer.

    • Jason Kinnear

      So nice to see a video of some very well cared for and happy parrots.  I hate to see people keeping a single bird and telling people they have to dominate it!  They are much happier in a pairs…. and give each other more attention that we can give them.   Also lovely they can fly and get exercise… not clipped wings.

    • Jana Yasser

      This is beautiful parrot😍😍😍😍😍

    • Nathalie prins

      I love this Parrot

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