Ginger and Skipper are almost a year old. They are going through a really heavy molt right now and they are looking a bit scruffy….so….No one make fun of them cause you will hurt their feelings. 🙂

    7 replies to "Ginger and Skipper our Pet Caiques"

    • Amber Bob K

      skip and ging are adorable. as a personal pet should you have one or two babies?

    • maya kaz

      I meant SWEET vids… hahah

    • maya kaz

      how adorable………. I love your sseet vids.. you have such a nice voice to the babies…. I see they are loved…. I really want one!!!

    • Sachman

      What type of attachment are you using on the dremel? And is that low speed (I am assuming it is the 2-speed model). I am hoping to get trained to do this since my caique seems to need a trimming several times per year.

    • Mattsy_C

      gilligans island

    • SunnyEspeon

      What a beautiful bird Skipper is.

    • Mary B

      Thank you, Auntie Rita! Today – July 4th – is Dolly's 10th birthday. This video was a real treat for her. I used to use a dremel tool on Dolly's beak but she got to the point if she saw the case, she started squawking bloody murder! Now I use a nail file! It never hurt her – she just doesn't like to be fussed with!! BTW – forget the diet change! That didn't work out so well. LOL

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