We are training Gilligan for search and rescue…

Parrots need lots of exercise and activities to stay healthy and keep busy. If you have a caique or other parrot, please avoid keeping them in cages. Gilligan spends the whole day on his jungle gym, on our shoulders, or on the sofa playing, every minute we are home. When we are not home, he stays in a large play area, with perches, lots of toys, fresh food/seeds/pellets and water. He even watches cartoons on the laptop for white noise.

This video is intended for fun viewing and informative purposes, not to encourage viewers to buy or adopt a parrot.

Think again before considering to adopt a parrot, they are not a decoration piece nor a toy. They are little special creatures that can outlive you, become very attached, require lots of love, care, attention, patience, healthy diets, exercise, and much, much more. So many parrots in this world are mistreated, abandoned, depressed and not well cared for.

Please love, care and advocate for the better treatment of parrots and birds in this world.

    4 replies to "Gilligan's tunnel training"

    • Absinthe

      This channel is damn underrated. I wish to get a parrot but I can't take proper care of them. So I satisfy myself with these videos

    • Karen Brown

      Parrots are SO much fun. Kisses, Gilligan. He's got a pink beak! That's a Trader Joe's bag!!!

    • Nahzah Rashid

      Sooo cute and adorable 🙂

    • Limone & Lime

      They love tunnels! Adorable. 🙂

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