Black Headed Caique #Sapporo

    9 replies to "Free flying parrots – indoor recall"

    • Beautiful Colors

      I have budgies and i’ve been trying to do this for a few months. 😭 they only come if they see millet.

    • Sugawara's wife

      Listening test

    • nope42k

      It would be absolutely hilarious if the parrot never landed on the hand. 😀

    • Flying Parrots India

      Keep your bird on a stand then recall.

    • Solitaire Seven

      Little birb took the scenic route. 🙂


      Caiques are sometimes hard to train but once they are properly trained they can be very smart and obidient

    • Maya Stolbjerg Drud Salonin

      Good birdie! ❤️

    • Johnny 72

      I wished that it would be a caique and it was 🥰

    • Nickit

      He finally got it 🙂

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