Daedalus, my black-headed caique parrot, brings me her toys and then puts them away. I taught her and her buddy Icarus, my white-bellied caique, all of their tricks using clicker training.

    3 replies to "Flighted Put-Away"

    • Caroline Moore

      Yes, they are noisy little flyers!

      There's a persistent myth that caiques aren't good fliers, but my two are excellent fliers. They don't have the long wings and tail that some birds have, so they're not built for long flights, but they love to fly back and forth across my house. You can see some of their flighted antics in my more recent videos.

    • Patricia Buzo

      That's so cool!

    • ty gibbs

      thats real cool im about ready to get the same bird and what does clicker training?

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