Ophelia’s Recovery From Having Her Wings Clipped is Going Great. Soleil broke one of her regrown flight feathers, so she’s a bit behind her sister in ability and confidence.

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    30 replies to "Finally Learning to Fly After Being Clipped 😖"

    • Juno Antares

      I remember the day Honey, my gcc, finally flew the way her body is designed to I cried. It's such a rewarding feeling seeing a bird really come out of their shell when they are able to live the active life style they need to be healthy and happy.

    • Nixie

      👏 👏 👏

    • Sonia Sardar

      U pushed really hard Apollo out of way😑😆

    • Memes Chan

      🤧that bird look like indian flag🇮🇳

    • thunderbolts 24

      I wanna hear Apollo say “Rrrrrrock”

    • Chun M&T

      Flight training in Bird Academy

    • Brandi Snyder

      Why toilet paper in the front room?

    • Maddy Sky

      My birds kiwis wings were clipped and he was adopted by a small boy who would scream at it and pull its feathers out. He came out of his cage for the first time and flew around last week.

      At first I regretted adopting him but seeing him fly around and find his confidence made up my mind. I’ll never sell him off to another, I’ll never give up on him. It took months for him to come out of his cage but he DID.

      Clipping a birds wings is cruel and taking its feelings of safety and well-being is worse. But kiwi is on the mend and I like to think one day he’ll bond with me the way he’s bonded with his brother Stolas.

    • o

      My rescue grey has been clipped and cage bound for 20 years. We have been exercising nightly getting ready for the flight feathers to grow in.

    • Jean Smith

      Love these birds. Why is one a good girl and one a good bird?

    • Feldovah Hryu

      What an awesome job you guys are doing with your birds ! Cheered me up a lot, thank you so much for this ❤️

    • Hey Dad Let's Play!

      What’s in the terrarium?

    • Dux

      They were clipped? I thought they flew? Am I going crazy?

    • ASH

      What animal is in the terrarium?

    • NightLocke_17

      One big happy family of birds

    • Amy Whigham

      The girls are getting so good at flying! So cute! 🥰🤗☺️

    • terry bunnell

      Where do you guys get these birds from they're really cute especially Apollo all of them they're really cool

    • ChainZ

      May i ask what is clipping and why cant they fly due to it?

    • ladykayde

      if they arent terrors already they are gonna be double terrors once they are fully flying lol thats what happened with my caique 😂😂

    • Bob Milkypants

      Everyone looking at the birds.

      Me trying to get a look at what's in the tank at the back

    • Timo

      So proud of them 😍

    • Meader's_Musings

      The girls are so damn cute

    • stancexpunks

      Apollo was prob secretly jealous of their success. He wants to be the top dog(bird)! It’s so funny when they quarrel tho

    • Holly Gaden Williams

      Why is there blue tape all over your place? Does it have something to do with the Birds?

    • Laura Animalgirl

      How many months did it take for them to get to this point?

    • Regeneration

      Robber: breaks in
      Apollo: Who is this? Hello?

    • Jennifer Robinson

      Like birds so cute merry Christmas 🌲

    • Willow Bloomfield

      Aww they will get there <3

    • Gomez Iguana

      Love your human and bird family!!!! What's in the tank?

    • Peggy Buti

      Can your parrots under stand when you say Good bird!

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