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    10 replies to "FIFA World Cup 2022 Prediction || France vs Morocco Semi Final || Caique Parrot || 13 Dec 2022"

    • jamaljohnson

      France, i want mbappe to avenge ronaldo

    • ComePedia

      Your bird is eligible for Moroccan citizenship 🇲🇦

    • Nightbot

      France lmfao

    • Hamza Avdi

      Yea i can't wait for the final

    • Norse Code

      why does Morocco have a satanic pentagram in the middle?

    • Jiff Jifferson

      I bet my entire house on morocco thanks to this bird.

    • jam must

      Even my tarot prediction was towards morocco

    • Luis Gamero

      Good luck leucogaster

    • Babytales

      Your birds a vibe

    • Daily dose of Animals

      Your bird must be bad

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