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    14 replies to "FIFA World Cup 2022 Prediction || Argentina vs Croatia Semi Final || Caique Parrot || 13 Dec 2022"

    • Vicious_Vincenzo

      Wrong prediction 😁

    • Benji Segura

      Sorry your wrong

    • Joel


    • souravkumar paul

      হালার পুত দেখ কিডা জিতছে

      চুদির ভাই

      fuck off!

    • MD ARIF

      Hahaha.. Argentina win hoisa

    • LALA

      3-0 for now

    • lolipop sant

      What will u do if its wrong

    • Hamza Avdi

      Yea i can't wait for the final

    • yoy

      Argentina only win

    • Ivan Jaksic

      Croatia win

    • Maxim Dub

      He went to go pick up the one too

    • Bryson Jiang

      Argentina will win

    • Luis Gamero

      Good luck in semifinals

    • Shamz

      EnnaL Argentina ayikum le

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