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    11 replies to "FIFA World Cup 2022 Final Prediction || Argentina vs France || Caique Parrot || 18-12-22"

    • Shyamal Roy

      Best video good choice

    • TNT Gaming

      Vamos 🇦🇷

    • sakib mahmud

      Good chooce Argentina 🇦🇷❤️

    • AverageGabPlayer

      hope shes correct

    • Harshul Jain

      This means France is gonna win because the parrot has always picked the losing team!!

    • sarbast jaff

      argantina win 2 1france

    • j cream


    • Have you seen my hamsters?

      Very nice video! 😍 You have inspired me. I shoot similar content and I would be glad for your feedback. ☺

    • Mr. Atheist

      It chose Argentina. Now we wait…

    • ZStormGLD

      She really good! Choose the out 👍👍👍

    • Jarl of Swot

      How's their score for predictions so far?

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