Hi Everyone,
Thank You for visiting with my babies.
I am Rita from Rainbow Parrots.
Many of my babies go home to families who live in other states.
The purpose of my videos is to introduce my babies to their new families.
Each week as the babies grow and mature their new families get to know their personality.

I hope you all enjoy watching the babies as they grow each week.

For more information about our birds….


    18 replies to "Feeding time with 8 week old baby Black Headed Caiques — Rainbow Parrots Aviary"

    • Laurenlittl3

      can i buy one from you HAHAH im waiting on mine to hatch from a store im buying from

    • Adan M

      Omg there has to be a better way to feed those lil screamers

    • christie silva

      Hi, how much longer do they need to be hand fed? Thanks

    • gilbert dominguez


    • Maria Evans

      I got them mixed up,long ago!!!!β€οΈπŸ˜³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

    • General Misery

      66 will betray you.

    • F Alshamsi

      How do you distinguish from a male and a female?

    • Andrea Merten


    • Ryan Michalski

      I’d blow my brains out if I had to deal with ANY parrot! Listen to that constant squealing! Oh my god!

    • Tam Smith

      OMG They Are ADORABLE !!!!!!!!!

    • Shaun Webb


    • FunkyFreakyAndFabulous

      When human babies cry it's like nails on a chalkboard but when baby birds scream YOU JUST WANNA PROTECT THEM AT ALL COSTS BECAUSE THEY'RE SO FKN PRECIOUS
      And also feed dem cuz dey hungy lil bebes

    • vuru

      love how they just go berserk seeing the plunger fill up

    • The Game

      OMG that's a full time job & then some.. πŸ’–

    • Ω‡


    • Magnus Holmgren

      β€” Who's hungry?
      β€” ME! ME! ME!!

    • Alyona Belolipetskaya

      Hi, beautiful birds! Why some of them look wet?

    • Maire

      kyut lidewl feathery dinosaurssss

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