Join us as we take you through the fun and exciting morning routine of our lovable Caique parrot. Get ready to witness the amazing bond we share and learn a thing or two about parrot care along the way.

#white bellied caique
#caique parrot

    4 replies to ""Feathered Mornings: My White Bellied Caique Parrot Daily Routine Revealed"!"

    • @Crazybirdlady23

      How can such a little thing take up so much of your heart eh? I’ve got 3 rainbow lorikeets who are my world too 😁

    • @j2lenfest

      you two have a beautiful routine together.

    • @jacquelinebenitez9227

      Love it !! I have a pineapple conure he sleep in his cage but in my room he is free flying everywhere on every furniture .

    • @suebeckman4729

      So precious ❤

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