Eli is trying to find a way around the orchid pot to reach the breakables on the other side.

    20 replies to "Evil Laughing Caique Parrot Plots Mischief!"

    • Mustafa pınar

      I want too.where can i get it.(caique) ım from turkey

    • Jc Stang

      What a weirdo lol

    • charl

      That’s quite a low-pitched caique. I like the way he’s muttering to himself

    • Lass-in Angeles

      His colors are spectacular! What an expressive fella. Muttering away in frustration not getting to the coveted spot behind the pot. Such a vocal range, amazing. They must be really fun to be around. I bet if we had some parrots in nursing homes, patients would heal faster.

    • Cindy Burns

      Hahahaha! He is pissed! "Give it to me now!"

    • Marilynn McCraw

      Just adore how social they are 💋

    • Baryonyx

      My caique laughs after he bites us. He is a troll.

    • Zennofobic

      i shall enter my lair and plot the destruction of my enemies… except I can't seem to get in

    • Tactix

      He really likes that corner!

    • Annika Wettle

      Eli made my day ☺️

    • Michele

      Well that was disturbing.

    • KDK

      thats a male bird


      Hes like a little wind up toy stuck in a crack !!!!

    • Oly Garcia

      Is it true that after 3 to 4 years when Caiques reach maturity they become unmanageable and turn on you? I’m having second thought buying one because a lot of people at the pet shop say that these birds are dangerous after 3 to 4 years when they reach maturity.

    • watrgrl2

      Lmao! “ move the damn pot so I can check that corner!”

    • Nicholas Tosoni

      "Rosemary's Bird"

    • Ray G.

      It is not evil! It just want some petting on the head and is a bit paranoid like any good parrot. You can tell by its tiny body language

    • Billie's Craft Room

      Adorable!!!! birds are SO hardwired to get into the most dangerous of places aren't they, mine always seem to be. thanks for sharing x

    • l

      "grrrrrrrrrrr, purrrrrrrrrr"

    • oh it's six

      My caique Lola loves this video. We watch it together. More please

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