HD Video test for Nikon D90

    20 replies to "D90 Video (HD) – Stinkie the White Bellied Caique"

    • Kishema 365

      he is amazing, very good at talking how old is he?

    • The End

      2:23 Whoooaa!

    • birdsRawesome13

      It's SOOOOOOOOO cute and funny:)

    • MentosGumie

      I want a bird

    • H Jones

      I love his name.

    • Ali S

      great bird, btw most caiques don't talk half as clear so you've got a special caique

    • Jenny

      @akaflipmode lol

    • Jenny

      @stephanieesunshineee Yes, no shit! Neither have I! I have a black headed myself.

    • Jenny

      How'd you get yours to TALK lol? Specially in a lover pitched voice? ?? I don't really care if mine ever talks but this is really cool to see and hear since it's the FIRST caique I see talking. Mine makes the same noises too

    • Steph Ayako

      oh man, boy do I know how to read comments. Ha, just saw that someone else already asked how old he is, and I got my answer. Well, Stinkie is very talented. 🙂

    • Steph Ayako

      sorry, I meant Stinkie*

    • Steph Ayako

      oh my gosh, I have NEVER heard a caique talk as well as yours does. I was in shock. I have two caiques. One white bellied, and one black headed. How old is Stinky?

    • Todd March

      Kudos to the Nikon D90! This is a GORGEOUS caique in GORGEOUS HD quality video! Wonderful!

    • Edgardo Tojino

      1:22 to 1:24, is it just me or did i just hear him say mother fu*ker

    • Lovebird Loft

      That's a great video of your Caique. How old is he? I also own a White Bellied Caique. It's rare that yours talks, very funny!


      very pretty little bird and nice quality video, refreshing

    • fireinthetacobell

      Oh wow! He's beautiful!

    • reaktor55

      What kind of lens did you use?

    • xtazysv

      nice parrot 😀 5*

    • Brian

      cool bird i just got an African grey

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