This is Eli hopping and wrestling! After he gets wound up, you’ll hear him saying, “Poor Eli.” *Disclaimer* No blood was spilled in the making of this video. 😀

    29 replies to "Crazy Caique Parrot Hopping, Wrestling, Talking!"

    • Klaus Ochs

      To Short ( Video )

    • Mustafa pınar

      I want too.where can i get it.(caique) ım from turkey

    • Rishabh Khetan


    • Laura B

      Look at that silly little one with such a lovely white tummy! All the colors make it look like some sort of tropical fruit! Maybe a goofball berry?

    • Ryan Michalski

      They aren’t all fun and games!

    • Northern Parrots

      Looks like fun

    • نمير العبيدي

      بنونه الحلوه

    • Charles Kerry

      I have to tell you I enjoyed watching this it kind of relaxed me.

    • Bernd Wahlbrinck

      Cool and funny video. I thought you were not supposed to have just one because they need other birds for company?

    • Michael Rodriguez-Spruill

      Hard to find caiques but now I have two of them my boy Picasso is outrageous and he will argue with me when I him put back the in cage 😂 but I love it.

    • Linda K Andrews

      Little darling

    • Kamal Hasan

      God bless you

    • Flannery Red

      You'd be hard pressed to find a cuter parrot than this fella! LOL! It makes me miss my Hahns Macaw. He used to act just like this! He also looooved taking naps with me. He would get under the covers and roll onto his back and pull the blanket up with his feet. lol

    • MickMac 72

      In great condition well done!

    • Aram Zaeri

      Hi, how to teach my black headed caique to hop, I brought him home recently, by the way he talks also

    • FSAPO

      Every other flight-capable bird: fly even short distances, never roll onto their backs in order to stay safe from predators.

      Caiques: hop everywhere unless absolutely necessary to fly, roll around on back as often as possible.

    • Jae Lynn

      Awwww! I just saw one at a pet store and it was 4 months old, super friendly and was on my head, trying to pull my bun apart and make a nest. I wanted it so bad, but when I asked the price, they said $2000!! My jaw dropped and I walked out heartbroken knowing I can never afford more than a budgie 🙁 I had budgies and even had a clutch of babies as a kid.

    • LITTLE_ Ox

      I want one so bad

    • Travelbird


    • elodie

      Omg ……so cute

    • Miss Anonymous

      OMGGGG 😍😍😍

    • Littleladylucifer

      He's so cute.


      Hello Eli, would it be ok if I use few of your videos in my funny pets compilation? I will credit you in the description and comments. Thank you 🙂

    • Lily .P

      We have a year old caique and he will not hop, very playful and "crazy" otherwise. I can't seem to find anywhere if they start hopping at a certain age, when did yours start? That seems to be the funniest trick they do but ours just won't do it.

    • Blackthorn

      Such a cutie! <3

    • Black Panther6

      we have a green cheeked conure and It bites alot!

    • nina

      This parrot is so pretty

    • Bohewulf

      this little dude is clearly in playing mood. However, how come that he nevertheless seems to bite quite hard. I would have assumed that in playing mode the biting would be minimal.

    • WunderWafer

      Caiques are so goofy

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