Crazy Caique Jumping On A Trampoline!

    21 replies to "Crazy Caique Jumping On A Trampoline! #shorts"

    • @orions9612

      POV:You're Parrot Playhouse Channel
      You got attacked by a fcking caique

    • @Shinjitsusei

      Judging by his pinned eyes, I knew an attack was coming.

    • @MangoTheQuirkyCat

      My caique Niko does this hop, and he also attacks me lol. He usually only attacks when a man is holding him or when he’s in a playful mood (which is most of the time)

    • @SnowcappedQuinceanera

      No he doing the boxing ring dance he's preparing for WAR

    • @kathypichey4306

      So beautiful ❤️❤️🥰

    • @wyomingadventures

      Puffman to Chuckie!🤣

    • @crabstick250


    • @abeautifullife5303

      Now now Puff Man. Be good.😊🦜

    • @scorpio663

      🤡CHUCKY 🤯 😆😅 HE IS VICIOUS !! 😆🤡

    • @eschwarz1003

      Caiques are such rowdy characters

    • @DogFoxHybrid

      I'm guessing that's a boy?

    • @blackken2009

      Oh my gosh sooooooo cute. But his eyes are red so he is mad

    • @birdsmariaandsunshinetv9899

      Funny funny video

    • @lisabanerjee7942

      It’s so cute jumping

    • @pigirl_

      How do you take batteries out of Puffy? 😂 I wish I had this kind of energy! ❤️🦜❤️

    • @annmariebanta5289

      Sweetheart so cute💝💖

    • @pamelajohnson8515

      Absolutely adorable just a cutie pie. I think that the birdy loves jumping up & down.♥️♥️♥️

    • @kakarikiIck

      Puffy to Chucky 😂

    • @TheCurt1981

      Caiques can be such Jekyll and Hydes

    • @Godspurpose70

      He needs a timeout & take his sockatoo away😂

    • @TheDboy76

      That sounds quite catchy to be fair

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