My caique parrot The Puffman is full of energy and never stops moving. Caiques are fun to care for at times but they go 24/7. Many people buy them and rehome them once these birds become sexually mature because they become territorial and attack people inside their home or other pets. Do your research and watch our Caique videos before you bring one into your home.

👉Caique Survival Tips!

    5 replies to "Crazy Caique Climbing The Curtains #short"

    • Lois. M Epstein

      Puffman is still the cutest and he is fearless.

    • jen l

      Oh gosh berries 🤦‍♀️ lol

    • 6falconsue

      Caiques–one of the most terrifying creatures to emerge from the Jurassic period 🙂

    • Happy fur hammies

      BIRDS WILL BE BIRDS AND THEY BE CRAZY !🤪 That caique is super cute ! He is a bat bird !😁😘💕

    • zhixin Balby

      when are you Doing a lifestream

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