Quincy loves to jump with and bench press his spoon. His sister Kyra is not so interested!

    23 replies to "Crazy Caique and his spoon"

    • golden uchiha

      Old but gold

    • Swagasaurus

      the giant horse conch weighs over 11 pounds,

    • Stellarion Prime

      teenage mutant ninja caaiiique …

    • carlo

      Preparing for the olympics 👍

    • Sandra Hoult

      You tell them baba that's your spoon, a nd you'll play however you like!!

    • Jpgundarun

      You need to make him/her a little mini barbell toy.

    • Mike Cardinell

      That is the cutest freaking thing I have ever seen lol

    • Jörgen Andersson


    • BackyardBirbsMA

      "This spoon is made of the highest quality metalz"

    • Ace, Your Local Bird Boi

      I love how the narrator is speaking in the background

    • Lazarus Blackwell

      Little babies LOOOL

    • Alpert Quinteno

      His little drumsticks

    • Maurizio Bernaez

      You're laughing, a birb is humbly striving for a healthy life and you're laughing.

    • Spartan Seventyeight

      "What are you doing?"
      "What does it look like? We're doing legs, y'little bitch."

    • nadja

      Oh he loves his shiny spoon

    • Quincy Arbalest

      "You're a silly bird!"

      Indeed he is.

    • AugSS

      i need one S2

    • Kim Hansen

      When you want arms and have only legs. Creative – and very comfortable – birb.

    • Dr TaHa

      chest press, traps, crunches, quads and hamstrings within a minute. amazing 🤣

    • JurassicSmackdown

      Mate never, EVER misses leg day. The arms are strong, lets get them legs ON SWOLE GAME MODE

    • Pipaschi

      Me in the Gym🤣🤣🤣

    • Khushi Kanojiya

      when uh get rejected by girl for not having muscular body

    • Raj Benny

      That other birb be like:"I have seen enough I am satisfied"

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