this video shows the acrobatic stunts a 4 month old baby caique will do for attention. with appearances of our pet Dixie, (Great billed parrots), and 3 younger caique babies which are not quite weaned yet. One of the younger caiques also performs a summersault on her perch if you watch closely.

    7 replies to "crazy acrobatic caiques"

    • Sand Moirben

      Dixie is Momma's girl, talking to the babies! SO CUTE!

    • DigiBeatz

      At around 1:30 there is another green parrot with the red beak perching there. I was wondering, what kind of bird is that? Thanks! All of them seem so entertaining and adorable!

    • Nichole Young

      Love this video. Caiques never seem to get bored, and always find ways to entertain themselves! I never tire of watching their antics.

    • CopperPearl

      SO cute! Just met my first caique at a bird sanctuary today and fell totally in love! Played and had snacks and cuddled for 3 hours straight!

    • Mary B

      Lots of prior videos of yours that I need to get caught up on. Love the surfing around the cage – AND this is the first time I have heard Dixie talk! Hurrah!! She really was enjoying watching that baby!

    • verticalsmurf

      The Caique is so cute! I am guessing this isn't normal Caique behaviour. How do you pronounce Caique? I'd pronounce it the same as Cake

    • Patricia Buzo

      That Caique is so cute! Nani never does that back thing, you have a unique baby there. My favorite part is the GB parrot's commentary. hahaha

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