In this video I would like to compare Senegal and Caique parrots. Both make excellent pets but they are pretty different!!

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    • Fahad Almarri

      You are the best of comparison video ever keep it up bro 👍

    • Eric Lonnett

      Hi, does either talk? Which one more? Thanks

    • Shahed

      Hello, how’s your Caique doing? Since reaching maturity bet his aggression is something that can be challenging?

    • Joshua Hull

      I have an 8 year old Senegal parrot and he is very sweet and quiet but loves to play. He is best friends with my mother's 2 quaker parrots and they actually feed and preen each other but we would never allow them to live together because we don't wanna take the chance of something bad happening. They are only left out together under supervision. Unfortunately my Senegal parrots does not get along with the conures and will fight with them.

    • Northern Parrots

      Interesting information.

    • PaleoGuy

      All I want is a bird you can touch like that and hold. My cockatiel just won’t let me touch her, just let’s me sit on her shoulder 😢 all I want is a bird that lets me touch it like that and I’ll be happy

    • Test Name

      You look cool.

    • Doc Robby

      Rumi… What a great name! I saw someone who named their parrot Shams.

    • Primal Survivor

      Are you a veterinarian?

    • Jan Kelley

      I have 5 Caiques, 3 black headed and 2 white bellied. Mine are fully flighted and have liberty in most of the house. I think it’s important for people to know Caiques are non stop. They need tons of toys and lots of interaction with their human. They can be nippy. I have never been bitten but my husband has. I do have 2 that have mastered pinching. They can be loud. And, they are not great with other species. They have been know to bully or dispatch new bird. For all of the negatives they are my chosen species. They are very affectionate with me and keep me laughing.

    • Abby

      Thank you really helpful.

    • Sandra Serrano

      Where do you recommend I get either one? I’m on the market for my first parrot however my local pet shop doesn’t carry them I’m in nyc Manhattan

    • Typical Fnaf

      Caiques can live 27 to 40 years

    • Luqman Barkat

      Lovely senegale parrot and cauique parrot

    • DJ Koenig

      Do you have trouble with your caique plucking? My male plucks probably due to sexual frustration… but I don't know. He seems to stop plucking in winter time. It makes him look pretty rough during most of the year because we have short winters. I love my caique & he is uncaged hanging out with me most of the the day time hours & only caged at night. He seems only marginally interested in his chew toys. I guess he might be bored & plucking because if that too? He gets chop & pellets & a small bit of almonds or pecans daily.

    • Andres Franco

      Are the caiques friendly with other birds? Birds like coockatiels or conures

    • Bronx The Presa

      Thanks so much for sharing your birds w us and the comparison. Im still trying to choose between the two. We have a macaw but desperate for a little smaller bird after ours passed.

      I love how you have them housed and that their cages are so nicely decorated. Some people go too over the top w all the toys and colours. Thats the one thing I hate most about having birds. Everything is in all these crazy colours lol. Also some ppl overdo the toys that the birds are left with no space to move. Better less and changing it up often. Thanks for the comparison. Super informative. 🙏🏽

    • Chad B

      Friendly caique for now…wait till puberty

    • Puff Pets

      Thanks so much for this vid!

    • AH

      Very informative, thanks for the awesome video!

    • Satinder Sibbal

      Namaste GOOD TO SEE YOU LOVELY ❤️🙏

    • Rasha Sarandah

      Just started watching but wondering what interactive bird you’d recommend for a family with kids. Ages 7 and 3. I owned cockatiels as a child and also an Indian ringneck male a few years back but I was worried about the mess when my first born was crawling. Now that they’re a little older I’m wanting a bird but not sure if we should go with a cockatiel, caique or conure. I know sun conures are loud but are green cheeks quieter? I love the personality of the caique but not sure how friendly they’d be with little kids. What about Quakers? Guess I’m just trying to narrow down with very kid friendly yet interactive and not the loudest .

    • AuZzTaKeN

      Just a quick question how would these parrots go if you work full time? I know Caiques need to be entertained a fair bit..

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