My Pet Bird Review of Kitty the Caique Parrot is finally here! A video 3 years in the making and you guys have requested for it multiple times.

I’ll start by saying that choosing a pet bird is a daunting task because the choice you make is most likely going to be a life choice as most parrots will happily live past 25 and keep going. If you choose a Caique, they have been known to live past 60 so there’s a good chance your pet will outlive you by the time you get around to affording the purchase (they are not cheap at all).

Caiques are playful little birds who don’t know their own size, it’s been a highly rewarding experience getting one 🙂 Got questions for me about the bird? Join our Facebook below!



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    9 replies to "Choosing a Pet Bird – Caique Parrot Review"

    • Ibrahim Daas

      Can you explain more why it is not a beginner's parrot ?

    • XYZ

      Why is it bad to have more birds? Do they not like other birds, or do they just not like other caiques? Is it because they want all the attention to themselves?

    • 787.86

      Since I work from home, I have my caique flying free in our big house 6 – 10 hours per day. A minimum of 2 hours is direct interaction, Me playing with her, wrestling etc. I love my little terrorist.

    • kfl611

      What a cute little birdie. Those feathers on their legs look like little pants, so cute. Such a sweetie birdie. I hope you have her for decades. I had a sun conure for maybe 12 years, he was so unique. He refused to fly, I mean why would he, when he had his trained humans to carry him. If he felt too ignored, he would hop out of his cage and walk into the room, to be with his pet humans. I never heard of a bird that choose not to fly. If he was on our shoulder and we stopped short and he fell off, he would flap his wings, but crash onto the floor. He really did refuse to fly. I don't think he realized he was a bird, I think he thought he was a human with non-working wings. I'm sure you will have so many fond memories together, and keep loving each other.

    • Dave Warrender

      People who clip birds wings are scum, how about I come to you and cut your legs off shit

    • Real Yardy Queen

      Cakes lol 😆

    • 000euMJ

      Apparently every bird is not a beginners bird. I've reserched a lot about what bird to get since I've never had one (I have only a cat) and when I read about one that is not too difficult, I research it little more and find someone saying they are too difficult and not a beginners bird. 😕

    • Robert W.

      Great Training, weve begun to train our baby Caique.

    • ktpuss

      I regret I didn’t know about these guys before having my gcc a few years ago, would love one but wouldn’t want it to worry my existing bird. I imagine they don’t enjoy other bird species if they dont often tolerate their own kind (if not pre bonded).

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