Where I left off with ChiChi plus his reaction to seeing me after 10 days being cared for by my mom and Capri. Dave and I went to Florida on some in home consultations for 10 days working with blue and gold macaws and a rose breasted cockatoo… plus we got to enjoy the company of a cockatiel!

I was so happy to see ChiChi’s reaction to seeing me – being just as excited as the first time he met Dave (maybe more so???) what did you think…?

Please LEAVE A COMMENT with the trick you want to see me train ChiChi. I don’t have a ton of time left with him! We are about to start our tour! Tour schedule can be found here; https://www.facebook.com/pg/birdtricks/events/?ref=page_internal

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(Oldest to Youngest)
Female Galah 💗 BONDI (bond-eye) ⭐ hatched 2005
Female Congo African Grey 💗 CRESSI ⭐ hatched 2007
Male Galah 💙 BANDIT BOY ⭐ hatched 2008
Male Blue Throated Macaw 💙 JINX ⭐ hatched 2008
Male Camelot Macaws 💙 COMET & TUSA ⭐ hatched 2008
Male Toco Toucan 💙 ROCKO ⭐ hatched 2011
Female Sun Conures 💗 LILY & PHOEBE & DETKA (dee-et-ka) ⭐ hatched 2011

BirdTricks is a husband-wife team; Dave and Jamieleigh Womach specialize in parrot training and companionship.

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    11 replies to "ChiChi's Reaction After I'm Gone 10 Days | How Caique Parrot REALLY Feels About His Trainer"

    • Smctree

      Teach him to fetch a beer.

    • theironmaiden1

      I have a question.😂 What is in your mixture and how to you store and keep it? I did this same thing and vacuum sealed weekly portions but when I took them out, it would be bad in a day. Please and thank you😁

    • Sky

      Roll over should be cute

    • Larissa Milligan

      Him glad to see you mommy! Lol.

    • JM Olvera

      Jamieleigh, is that fresh veggies mix good for budgies too?

    • Kakariki Ick

      I love how when they hang upside down they just flip back up with no effort.

    • Ms.Anonymous Informer

      I wish that was all my conure was trying to do each time he goes "in for the kill" . He will bite and twist and if biting clothing does not work he goes for the exposed skin. So far he hasnt figured out my hair isnt something he can hurt. So I hunch over and cover my head with my arms and he goes after my hair on my head. He will draw blood if he can. And that is only if I am in the rooms of the house he feels like doing it in. Other specific rooms he is his normal loving self.

    • Tessa Boucquin

      That is so cute I wish I had one

    • Ally W

      Chichi is so cute and attached to you😅 aaaww
      Budgie/ Cockatiel Owner here 🕊

    • Little Bats


    • Henry fords rc

      These quirky moments is why I love my parrot

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