Occurred on February 15, 2020 / Fridley, Minnesota, USA

“I caught Bob the Caique in some beak sharpening dance and I started taking video. Needless to say, he looked embarrassed at first as he walked behind the door but then turned around and came back all puffed up and pissed off ready for action.”

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    14 replies to "Caught Bob Sharpening His Beak || ViralHog"

    • Saltiga

      Whats the exact species of this parrot? Tia

    • Clara Greenfield

      Oooooohohohooooo! Shoooooot! x'D
      As a fellow caique owner my heart started pounding a little there. The raptor walk is for realz! x'D

    • Den vvv

      Вы кто такие? Я вас не звал! извольте удалиться!!!!

    • rexon31

      the shaping of the weapon before the murder

    • hoge

      Bob: yo…wth are you looking at…?

    • Silly Caiques

      Ohhhh that strut when he comes from around the corner! 😂😂😂

    • purple nurple

      This made me LOL😂😂Bob's like "whatchoo lookin at?? Nuthin to see here!!"

    • RibbitHopX

      Fluffy stuff is so cute.

    • ((((SOUNDAFEK))))

      Bob planning his attack…

    • Matthew Bell

      Bob must be from the Southside!

    • R eh

      Bob looks guilty as hell, and ready to rumble,keep your left up!

    • lemmy kilmister

      IDK The way he came walking up I'd just let Mr. Bob do whatever he wanted

    • Mark Krstich

      Easy to be a tough guy after sharpening that beak!

    • Decennium #195

      Bob is trying to convince you that you didn’t see what you think you saw! And you’ll keep quiet if you know what’s good for you!

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