Before giving the food She is a Sweet Heart.
The moment she gets her food she will change to a Devil.

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    22 replies to "CaiqueTube || What happen if you Disturb Caique Parrot while Eating || Angry Bird || Katta Kalippu."

    • ozarkarts

      What an a—-hole.

    • Ushanka

      a way to lose your birds trust

    • Angelina Acosta

      Да дайте ему спокойно поесть!

    • Brian Smith

      Don't touch me! I'm eating!

    • 스칼렛

      성질난다 ! 하지마라!

    • Flashgamer

      as a fellow bird owner i bet she flies to you trying to take your food all the time and makes that sound when you try to push her away

    • NCGregory

      Mine does this too. Haha

    • Cristina P. Moráis

      They are lil dogs with wings 😂

    • lovethosebudgies

      This was awful to watch. Why make a video of this??

    • Moses Johnson

      If you had ever been bit by a Caique, you would not antagonize it with your fingers. Ouch!

    • Brandon Klosterman

      Wish he would have bit you

    • Maria Mendoza

      Do not disturb the poor bird while he is eating. This just ticked me off. 👎

    • Creative Content

      i would hate to know what you do off camera

    • Kevin Traynor

      Think I'd be annoyed if sombody proded me while I was eating

    • Edwin Jaramillo puertas

      Let the little guy to eat or it will end eating a chunk of your finger.🤣

    • ShyyBubbles

      My bird drops it because she wants my attention in anyway 😭

    • Carin

      Mean… leave him alone

    • Shinjitsusei

      You’re lucky you didn’t get bitten. If I did that to
      Hobbes, he’d only warn me once.

    • the nut

      Bruh let the thing eat 💀

    • T Shaffer


    • Anthony Genito

      How would you like it.

    • Erestorfan

      Oh yes, the squeals!! They are VERY food possessive!

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