Video Taken: September 1, 2012

Ava and Sheik, two White Bellied Caiques, wrestle and play fight on the floor. They have now started to incorporate flying into their play time!

    10 replies to "Caiques Hopping and Wrestling on the Floor"

    • Gloria Stiehl

      I love how they lay on their backs and they hop and march too.

    • ashh

      Beautiful 👍😍

    • Kamal Hasan

      "*God Bless Everyone*"

    • Kamal Hasan

      "*வாழ்க வளர்க எம் மக்கள் பல்லாண்டு பல்லாண்டு பல்லாண்டு*"

    • Abdelrahman Alaa

      are their wings clipped ?
      or they are very tamed that they dont like to fly ?
      i had a yellow budige that would fly to get to my shoulder then will walk or run xd

    • PurpleLogic

      1:01 It's over Anapreen. I have the high ground…..

    • Reagan Joy

      Have a caique as well exactly like this lol

    • Tyler Bergreen

      Rainbow Turkeys

    • Pepper Salty


    • Melissa McLaughlin

      Very cute i love Caiques the clowns of the bird Kingdom. I have 2 umbrellas they are the cuddlers of the bird kingdom.

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