Ginger and Skipper are our 8 month old caiques. This is just a few clips of how we keep them busy and entertained in an afternoon.

    7 replies to "Caiques — Ginger and Skipper"

    • Jan Lee Kelley

      Caiques are the best. We have 6, a mix of white bellied and black headed. They are fully flighted and full of mischief!your 2 babies are adorable.❤️

    • JO MAMA

      That's a cool play stand. They had to test it out! They are too cute !

    • Sy Che


    • Beatriz García Vieiro

      I love ginger, so funny xD

    • david bradbury

      who are dixie and savana

    • Mary B

      Dolly and I had to watch this video again! You really do have your hands full, Rita!!

    • Mary B

      I laughed all the way through this! Is there a busier parrot on this whole planet? LOL Thanks, Rita, for making this video. I love to see how the kids are doing!! And Skipper is just like Dolly with the toys after a shower. She spent one entire winter with a pink belly!!

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