Providence Meadow Caiques!!

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    • Beetleyy!!!!!!

      I foster parrots and it's currently my first time looking after a caique. His previous owner gave him up because of "behavioural issues" (Who does that to a parrot???) but watching this video absolutely confirmed my ideas that the reason for his 'behaviour' is, in fact, that he is a caique. I love him to pieces already but I'm very excited to help him find a forever home.

    • Jason Kinnear

      Why have so many plucked their feathers?! There is something wrong with the way you are keeping them. This is not normal at all. I keep and breed these birds and must have had over 100 over the years and never had any pluck their feathers. Please find out what is stressing your birds out so much…perhaps change their diet, take out next boxes or put then in and allow them to breed or brood fake eggs, house pairs separately or in different rooms, make sure they bath daily, make sure they have no disturbances at night or noises from electronic devices etc. This is so sad to see. The feather plucking is from external and prolonged stress…we can see the missing feathers, but stress also damages the birds internal organs and shortens their lifespan.

    • Tatsuya Minami

      What a wonderful PARADISE!!! :))


      Nice spawn of caiques

    • Alicia Mireles

      My baby is now 15 yrs old!

    • Mustafa pınar

      I want too.where can i get it.(caique) ım from turkey

    • Janish68

      I've only got the one Caique almost 4 years old that's plucked exactly the same area as your bird. Did you find out why they did it and has he/she got their feathers back?

    • قناه الالعاب الممتعه قناه الالعاب الممتعه

      the good side is bird are happy but the bad side is they are alot of work and they poo anywhere

    • bindu

      Seeing the ones who pluck all their feathers breaks my heart. Thank you for giving these sweeties the love and attention they deserve!

    • Michael Ellixson

      How many birds do you have?

    • Shahrad Behnam

      How old are the Caiques ?

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