Apollo is the backup singer 😂

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    27 replies to "Caiques are Amazing at Whistling 🎶"

    • Tim Clifton

      so do you have any birds you be interested in selling I'm looking for yellow name are an African Grey timneh that are already talking

    • Shadow Soulless

      Apollo is doing his best

    • FluffyFriends🌺

      Apollo being the backround singer is just wonderfull

    • Sonny Seabury

      Soleil and her sister are so beautiful, loving and hilarious!

    • Lawrence Jensen

      Apollo not very impressed 😁

    • Birb Luv

      They sing so well together! And Apollo gets his two cents in!

    • HellaZebra

      Sounds like a Zelda song😊

    • Sonya Fazio

      You have your own band, lol

    • Rachel Ravenclaw

      Oh great, it’s stuck in my head AGAIN. 😂 Must get stuck in your heads all the time!

    • Mary


    • Daimond S.

      Apollo just looking if there are any squirrels outside.

    • Mooky O'H

      the old bounce and sing…..gotta love it 😊

    • Ivanimations

      question. how do u know whos soleil and whos ophelia? also, lovely names howd u come to them?

    • livaugirard

      Is it just me or have they grown a fair bit? Beautiful as always 😍

    • Pepperoni Milkshake

      One day you'll be able to speak fluent Caique, Apollo 😅

    • ferretyluv

      Teach them the Lost Woods theme!

    • Saul Goodman (that post memes)

      The way Apollo looks at the window is like he is scheming something

    • Crafts with Crow

      Apollo chiming in like Timbaland in every early 2000s hit

    • Electricblue81

      Apollo: "Whooo…whooooo…Whooo……dammit"

    • d S. M.

      Apollo: “nah im better”

    • Danielle Hatch

      Apollo with the recorder notes 🤣🤣
      I see he's no matter better than the rest of us who were forced to learn that forsaken instrument in school

    • Sooj

      Apollo doing the bird equivalent of playing the triangle in the orchestra back there

    • greatPretender79

      The girls are amazing

    • jacking the black thing

      My Tiel would go nuts if I played this for him. Whistling seems to have some extreme meaning to him.

    • Anne Haight

      Apollo sounding like a cormorant in the background.

    • Mal-2 KSC

      They sound a lot like cockatiels. Not surprising I suppose, given their similar sizes.

    • J2k

      Bird slide whistles 😁

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