Kirbys kirby

    12 replies to "Caique talking"

    • Mustafa pınar

      I want too.where can i get it.(caique) ım from turkey

    • Melanie Archibald

      I have a black headed ciaque like yours and my bird cant get enough of kirby. He says its me kirby, where's kirby, kirbys kirby. Quincy is in love with kirby

    • Cate Mitchell

      How long did it take to teach your beautiful Caique to talk? Its so adorable 😍

    • Bobby Brooks

      Fantastic bird… never Saw one talk like that

    • Khaled23

      Anyone subscribe me I will subscribe you back it’s a promise

    • Aj Secrets

      Birb: Watcha doozin?

    • Oly Garcia

      Is it true that when your Caique turns 3 to 4 years old, they become hormonal and can turn on their owner. How is your experience with your caique. I’m having second thoughts of getting one because of this.

    • SuperSnackBros

      Kirby kirby kirby that's the name you should know.
      Kirby kirby kirby he's the star of the show.

    • MoisesLi

      Cockatoo deep silent.

    • Vanilla Gorilla

      I'd love to get a caique some day but I've NEVER heard one talking

    • Karen Brown

      He is so cute! Awwwww ❤ he does a darling microwave. He needs a kiss!

    • Lazurkri

      that cockatoo is eerily silent…

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