Enjoying the rain.

    16 replies to "Caique talk"

    • Gayle T

      I heard "Whatch you doing?" and " bird". Very adorable.

    • Ryan Michalski

      I'd be like "STFU" after 30 seconds

    • BigBeauf _____

      Very nice bird!

    • Ma'am Silka channel

      I like so much birds mam pretty bird

    • bakyt izatova

      Omg what u doing in birb language sounds so funny

    • Violet Indigo

      Beautifully 😍

    • Nobjan

      Caiques are THE BEST!

    • Jorge Braz

      God bless you

    • NU MC

      a happy guy

    • Barry Shulman

      Is it Conure.

    • Teink

      Such a pretty bird! bird even says so itself !

    • ZiggyZum

      What kind of Bird please

    • Kamal Hasan

      "*God Bless Everyone*"

    • mayonnaise

      caiques are such beatiful birbs

    • Josefine W

      What an adorable little birdy. He/She seems so jolly. 🙂

    • Max Karlsson

      Wow! He/she looks really happy! I have just bought a baby Caiqe as well. Super cute! But i have to say: i am a bit worried over the forthcomming puberty. Ive read that they can become monsters and bite really hard. Any tip for the inevitible clash? 🙂

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