Blackheaded Caique Garbo making happy noices, girlfriend Elliott in the back.

Svarthuvad Vitbukspapegoja

    7 replies to "Caique sounds :-)"

    • Naila Akhtar

      So cute. We have a caique as well.. And he is a clown😆😂

    • ThatCapricorn

      I've heard this sound in Bird BnB

    • Future Free Flyers

      Lots of people said caiques are loud. Their sound Is so cute! UwU
      I am planning to get my 10th parrot (black headed caique)

    • Malfoy’s bitch

      My caique loves this video

    • ChesterCopperPot Goone

      poor thing livig behind bars ….they hate theuir life

    • Ninas Krypin

      Its 140×100 cm for the two birds. A good size but can of course always be bigger. Good for them to fly in their aivary.

    • 'rene Choi

      how big is their enclosure? looks roomy

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