Our pet caiques and a couple of babies taking a shower.

    12 replies to "Caique Shower Time"

    • Tina Bell

      Beautiful Skittle chickens💛🧡💜💛seattlerockrgrrrl 💘

    • Dave Warrender

      The crazy gang

    • Susie Lopez fan of HHN freak

      They are so cute and adorable white bellied caique

    • loudpanzer

      without a doubt the best bird breed ive ever had

    • Maria Obrien

      Is't obvious to you, that those beautiful birds don't enjoy taking those kind of showers ???? They don't look happy at all.

    • Chase Hagerty

      their beaks are to long

    • Piro

      I throw all mine in the shower, once they're in, they relax and calm down. Only birds I have that don't like to shower are the African Greys.

    • Wicket

      If you turn the nozzle to a softer spray and don't squirt it right in their face they will enjoy and not run away. Hello. They want to bath but the way you do it makes it unpleasant.

    • Nancy H

      Where did you get their perches?

    • Pamela Defilippo

      How are they doing?

    • mistriver21

      I used to have a half-moon conure. He was the sweetest thing. He actually preferred splashing in a running sink than in his dish or a mister. These birds you raise are so adorable, and it's easy to tell they're well cared for 🙂

    • Triple the Scraps

      That was absolutely adorable. Kiwi and Sugar sat still as mice as they watched. Too fun! Merry Christmas, and LOVED your card!

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