Let’s go shopping

    10 replies to "Caique – Shopping at super market"

    • Magdh M


    • Micha Jackson Budgie

      The Bird is like, "oh yos. I must get things to make dinner."

    • Marie TO

      So sweet , so lovely caique !

    • SHARK¥

      Remember watching this 😂❤

    • Gepli PRL

      That's me after receiving my first salary.

    • sun&shine _ krishi

      How to train your bird? Post that video and explain it

    • The conures

      So smart 🦜

    • Syed Nisar Ahmed

      So cute 🥰

    • Yulia

      So clever birb 💕 boy

    • Gloria Stiehl

      This bird is so adorable and smart to learn how to do this. He's so cute too!!🦜🦜🥰🥰🧡🧡💋💋💕💕

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