Caique Rio Hopping

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    • HalalBBQ74

      İs this caique still alive ?

    • Nyomii

      It's beautiful that all the comments are actually old and not filled by dumb people asking for likes.

    • Антон Мельник

      "goood, get outta here"

    • Pascal Turcot

      Somehow, this got recommended in 2020, 12 years later.

      Not complaining though!

    • Sarah Jo ASMR

      Dawww he's too cute

    • Kate

      Why say …"GET OUTA HERE " ??????????? That seems like a crappy thing to say to a beautiful bird !! Teach it by saying something different. Would you tell your kids to "get outa here !!" ???

    • Sabi Aree

      Alhamdulillah, so cute !

    • Felis


    • Dogzilla Squad

      I am going to sudcribed your channel is so cute 😘😘 you welcome to subscribed our channel we got cute videos too 😘

    • Thomas Baron

      Awww, your bird is so cute! Love the hopping ^.^

    • bryvale

      I love the way your bird hops & nice bird(and I think your nice too!)

    • Lisa Sthreshley

      What kind of treats do you feed him? I'm trying to figure out how to train my caique.

    • Karla Larsson

      I shared your video on Frostie the Dancing Cockatoo's Facebook page. He is so cute! Thank you for sharing. Karla

    • opticALEXpert !

      caiques are so cute! I have a little cutie caique too, and I was wondering how you encourage the hopping behavior? I've seen lots if videos with caiques doing it and i know its normal behavior, but mine doesnt seem to do it anymore since she was little.

    • arun rohan

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    • Phyllis Ermey


    • dirtgotgen

      My cockatiel does the same. But he can do one hop at one time, then another, not repeatedly. 🙂 he is a really nice caique, so intelligent

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