This is my DIY bike.

    14 replies to "Caique – Riding bicycle (under training)"

    • everylittlebreeze

      It’s not a job he’s your pet

    • everylittlebreeze

      You sound heartless

    • Roza Karataeva


    • Gloria Stiehl

      That's so cute!!

    • Avyukt Parmar

      So cutie bird😍🐤

    • Ryan Michalski

      I wanna see him ride off the table! That would be funny

    • Jiji Somy

      From where did you get that cycle ? I want it to train my pet male cockatiel

    • Tony Snow

      Look at joe Biden riding a bike

    • Md Rafiq

      How did you make it? Where did it material

    • Zorro the BHC

      Where can I get the bike

    • Mamamia

      Can i buy bicycle how to order

    • honeycomb

      Can you do a video of you making this

    • Anja chan

      that's cute! xD

    • j beck

      Waw I hope you have a great time with your bird😊😊😰❤❤❤❤

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