We bought a laser pen for the cat, but it turns out our black headed caique likes it more!

    21 replies to "Caique Playing With A Laser Beam"

    • Mustafa pınar

      I want too.where can i get it.(caique) ım from turkey pls help me

    • Gloria Stiehl


    • Wyyrdo Jim

      He thinks he’s a bird of prey!😹

    • Azazel

      My guy flexing

    • Alex Smith

      Is that a cat or a bird lol

    • Late Night Gaming

      Thank you, Youtube Algorithm

    • pumpkin

      69th comment 😎
      I need a life

    • Linda K Andrews

      Your bird is so gorgeous

    • Autumn_Sun

      The CHAD bird owner.

    • Alex Duck

      everyone says caiques act like dogs….. this proves it

    • Sy Che

      JUST absolutely adore and love them

    • Psykhedelic

      My African Grey actually figured out what a laser pointer was. At first, she was biting at the little red dot but after awhile she began to realize that it was nothing more than a light coming out of a small tube so now whenever I shine it next to her she completely ignores it.

    • Josefine W

      This is soooooo cute!!

    • Thiricola

      Awww…funny and cute!

    • Kimmy N

      That is sooo funny!

    • givethatwolfabanana 🍌

      Wow, what a hot guy. And cute bird of course.

    • boggle890

      Looks like a parrot plushie.

    • Ada B.

      Aren't parrots supposed to be… smart? 😀 This is so funny 🙂

    • opticALEXpert !

      wonderfully stupid youtube comments arguments…

    • t

      Aww I love how he hops haha

    • DimplyBean

      Are his wings clipped or does he choose to play on the floor, curious 🙂

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