caique parrots Pumpkin and Kaba playing with each other and wrestling/kickboxing

See more of these two in their other videos

    24 replies to "Caique parrots playing"

    • Valentin Adamache


    • hanz_wermhatt

      walks on ceiling
      It's over Anakin

    • Patricia Schuster

      Love they both stop and look over at the person filming it. Is this my best side,Mom?

    • bobbyhill3323

      The lighter one walks upside down so naturally, it's unnerving

    • Juergen Spaek

      Das ist kein Spiel.

    • DRL

      No they are fighting 😢. Not nice to place them both in the same cage

    • Sandra Weber

      They’re not playing they’re fighting

    • Paul Uken

      The world famous bat bird!!

    • Hernan Rey Sanchez

      These two are different species. Would it be better to get a couple for each one and, they are not playing , they are fighting.

    • Jayne Liou

      What's size is your cage? Is it an avian adventures cage? And how do you like it for one or two caiques?

    • Ryan Michalski

      You couldn’t pay me to own a parrot

    • Tam Smith

      Caiques are the BEST !!!!!

    • CescoCDN

      It's Spider-Caique!

    • fellowsgary2

      Didn't see Amy fight at all

    • ce neblock

      I've never seen two animals without fists box before. That was interesting.

    • Marina V

      Такие прикольные и смешные 🤩🤩🤩

    • Patrik Ahlvik

      Beautiful birds! May I kindly ask a somewhat odd question, but what brand of cage do you have, I like the details of the cage's grid edges, I'm into a DIY cage design built, using sliding grid planes into a frame of metal rails, grid sections as roof and on both short ends, and with a solid back panel and with a sliding glass front

    • saramations

      I want a caique. 🙁 They seem very dog like and dogs are my specialty.

    • deborah lariscy

      Are these parrots good at mimicking voices and sounds? Are they really loud, like conures? They sure are pretty and seem fun. Thanks

    • duke nukem

      thats a cage fight 😂

    • make the world a better place

      coll vid love to watch them play 🙂 just hope you have a secondary big cage as caiques need a large cage thanks for sharing

    • NYX Studios

      My budgies always squabble and play fight and my friends ect are always like omg you need to separate them they’re gonna kill each other! But I have to explain that they argue yes but it’s like a sibling argument and when they play fight it’s very different from actual fighting 👍

    • Carol Shepherd

      Doesn't look like play!

    • John john

      that quarter circle aerial combo was amazing. he clearly dominated in the air

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