Caique Parrots – Exotic Birds

Filmed in August 2015

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

    12 replies to "Caique Parrots – Exotic Birds"

    • Northern Parrots

      Such lovely birds

    • The Wonderful World of Awesomeness

      Are their eyes always red like that? Very cute birds

    • 2degucitas

      Doesn't seem they are clowns when not hand raised


      I just looked for you. I guess you do not have an Instagram??? you need one! 🙂 When you set it up I will send you the post w/your famous video! 🙂


      Paul are you on Instagram? I saw one of your videos posted on there by @simoneboinay

    • Игорь Болдарев


    • Eaglevp

      Nice footage well filmed thanks Paul.

    • Margaret

      Great footage of the pretty birds Paul.
      Thank you very much.

    • WildBlessings2U

      Colorful cuties. Thanks Paul.


      Great footage of the pretty birds Paul – thanks very much!

    • Emilie Andělová

      Milí papoušci…

    • Laura G Photos and Film

      They're beautiful !!  Thank you, Paul …

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