Puffman Caique Parrot’s bestie is a tennis ball.

    13 replies to "Caique Parrot’s Bestie is a Tennis Ball🥹 #shorts"

    • Pippa_and_Petrie

      Puffman we see you 😍🥰🤩🦜🦜 We are finally on YouTube. Good to see you ❤😍😍😍😘

    • Birds Maria and Sunshine TV

      This is so freaking cute and adorable 🥰

    • Patty


    • MyCoquettishWays

      Puffy is so cute 🥰. But I know he is toxic lol 😂

    • Scorpio66

      Watch out !! 😱 He is Physco !! 🔪 😆🤣

    • Nitzy Black

      Way too precious 😊

    • Ronald Schoaf

      So beautiful

    • TheCurt1981

      ❤ the Puffman!

    • bird lover

      Lol😂….the music is perfect….Puffy is such a happy soul❤ he lives in the moment… How are you feeling April…hope those spider bites are healing💐❤💐

    • Parrotlet schmidt

      Puffman and the ball: first jump together and then cuddle a little

    • FluffyThoughts

      I love all your lovely babies!!!!❤❤❤
      I have 13 parrots and all of them are my life. Thank you so much, April, for showing the world your love, passion, dedication and strength for give to these wonderful souls the best life, best smiles, best health and the best quality of trust and happiness possible… you are a truly Sweet Angel!!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    • Charlie Santos

      AWWW he/she is so cuteeee

    • mother of feathers and fur

      Love youre babys

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