Little Bird, also known as the paper towel bird!

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    • Mustafa pınar

      I want too.where can i get it.(caique) ım from turkey

    • Bianca Demandt

      People do not realize they also need a lot of attention, play time out of the cage and they screem very loud. It's a long term commitment you have to be willing to take.
      My caique is 7 years old now and hormones are a thing.
      We learned how to read him before interacting. One minut he's the sweetest thing and in a second he wants to kill you.
      Love him anyway soooo much 💞

    • Jayne Liou

      So cute! What's the breeder in Ontario?

    • Al Cafacci

      Omg he's such a cute!! 😍

    • Elwood P. Dowd

      Never saw a single bird in this video.

    • Tink Verdin

      He’s so cute 🥰
      My caique does those things also
      I call him Scooter
      They are the silliest birds and I love my little guy

    • Linda K Andrews

      LittleBird is gorgeous.

    • Ravel1299

      Great and very informative!

    • captaincrunch72

      How do people have a bird that needs minimum 2 to 4 hours individual attention have many other birds??? You must not work a normal job..

    • Linda K Andrews

      I remember watching him with the paper towel he is so gorgeous.

    • Oly Garcia

      When your bird hit maturity at 3 to 4 years old. Does it become more territorial, aggressive and attached to just one person? I’m planning on buying one as a family pet but all the people I meet at bird shops discourages me from buying one because of their wild nature. All my kids are teen agers already. They say they can turn on me and my family and become wilder when they hit maturity at 3 or 4 years old. Did you experience that with your Caique?

    • David Holdbrook

      Great video. I'm considering a Caique so this was very educational. Thank you for posting.

    • Politically Incorrect

      Are the caiques with the red heads any different from the black headed caiques?

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